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Onesie. Looking as raunchy as an American apparel ad

Onesie. Looking as raunchy as an American apparel ad

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"Accept your defeats with your head held high"
April 22nd 2013:
A personal life’s lesson
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Dear Mama

Dear Mama was a refugee.

Escaping the jungles to be free.

Not even bullets can pierce a whole through the love for her family.

And these plastic bags, landmines and guns,

meant to suck the life and shatter the limbs of those who run.


Humanity, feeds the nightmare that haunts their dreams,

through all the politics and the schemes, and the chains that made them bleed.
All of these images are running through her head,

they say the opposite of fear is love, so she’ll run with that instead.

Sweat after sweat, she waited for the golden sun to set.

Couldn’t lose another two, her sons Pira and Pirak.

From the stories I hear, they screamed out “She’s alive son she didn’t leave  you behind!”

My mami, the jungle warrior, she cradled her son to that finish line.

Dear Mama, I learn from the best
I hear the stories of you dodging bullets while holding me in the projects.

Call it cocky, call it conceited and call it what you will,

but i was raised in the arms of a Cambodian queen so boy please refrain from the words that degrade me still.

Treat me with respect, I am a reflection of my mother’s existence.

Just like you, you, you and every woman that graces this earth.

If you feel what I feel, we were not meant to be born a still birth.


Inscribe the words and turn the pages of your own book,

feel inspired, our history is to heavy to be overlooked.

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Cambodia 1969

Romanticizing about what the motherland could have been,

before the days of Pol Pot and Richard Nixon

Five Hiroshima’s on the land

the land of plenty that nourished their hands.

B 52’s and Victims of 1969,

It is your time to die

So watch the flames burn higher

You were Collateral damage caught in friendly fire

The Mad man, Mad man

needs to fight his theory of war

This is how Watergate begins,

behind closed doors

On the motherland located in the southeast

the flames will rise, and fuel the beast

1.7 million skulls stacked up like pyramids

enslave the people and brainwash their kids

She said, he was only 10, and he had a gun

pointed to my face, so you better not run

For the mad men needs to fight their wars

And this is the life that you have in store

Burn your books and instruments because life has just begun

he’s coming your way , So you better not run

It’s a holiday in Cambodia, there is no use for chasing the sun

its your time to die, So you better not run

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drunk face

instagram @susiesoulchild

drunk face

instagram @susiesoulchild

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Mi Viejo, our matching Dumbo Ears

Mi Viejo, our matching Dumbo Ears

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3rd set of Cambodian Tree Projections by Clément Briend

“Cambodian culture is deeply rooted in a spirituality - marked by a belief in genii and fantasy creatures. In a dark cityscape, night reveals the presence of divine creatures on trees and subsequently makes them alive and real. Such nocturnal visions allow us to grasp the way magic profoundly influences how Cambodian people perceive the world.”

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how a girl should celebrate her 25th birthday, with her king there in spirit.

how a girl should celebrate her 25th birthday, with her king there in spirit.

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